Shadow Maps at Israel - shadow maps for a master plan

Shadow Maps at Lakhish, Israel

Shadow Maps at Israel option 2

Shadow Maps at Israel. Project I did in Lakhish, Israel. In this project, the customer wants to make a site analysis (shadow maps + winds + view analysis) to include in the presentation.

The process of receiving data from customers and processing data to complete the product follows the steps below:

(It is also an example for you to see what data you need to provide me so we can complete the product for you)



Shadow Maps at Israel: location: 31.556374430983716, 34.84574708543637

Autocad file (*.dwg)

lachish complete plan

Winter: West to East

Summer: South to West

Fall and Spring: South to East or just South


Use photo editing software and add notes to create the final product


Option 1

Shadow Maps at Israel

Option 2

Shadow Maps at Israel option 2

Thank you for watching.

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