Shadow Maps at Island - Shadow maps for a building

Shadow Maps at Island - winter

Shadow Maps at Island. This is a project I did in Island. In this project, the customer wanted to open an opening for light on the roof. They want to analyze whether the two neighboring houses block the light from entering that.

The process of receiving data from customers and processing data to complete the product follows the steps below:

(It is also an example for you to see what data you need to provide me so we can complete the product for you)



Monkstown, Dublin, Ireland

location in island
location in island

Architecture Drawing (PDF file)  


For privacy reasons I only post combine photos

Customers do not need to illustrate the wind


Use photo editing software and add notes to create the final product


Shadow Maps in mid Summer 

Shadow Maps at Island - summer

Shadow Maps in mid Summer 

Shadow Maps at Island - winter

Thank you for watching.

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