Shadow maps show how sunlight affects both inside and outside of buildings, helping investors and designers make informed choices.

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Why are Shadow Maps important ?

A shadow diagram is needed for planning approval. It shows how the new construction will cast shadows. The analysis also checks if these shadows affect sensitive areas like parks, streets, or residential areas, and suggests ways to reduce any negative effects.

 Shadows affect temperature and vegetation growth, impacting maintenance and landscaping decisions. Understanding shadow locations helps prevent dampness and “sick building syndrome.”

Analysis helps in heat management, allowing adjustments to minimize or maximize heat gain according to seasonal sunlight variations.

Shadow Maps aids in deciding where to place glass windows to optimize natural lighting while minimizing heat gain.

Knowing sun exposure assists in positioning rooms for optimal comfort, enabling architectural solutions to manage heat gain.

 Sun path analysis aids in passive solar design, reducing energy demand and promoting sustainability.

Understanding shadow locations ensures effective placement of solar panels for maximum efficiency.

 Shadow Maps helps avoid legal disputes and ensures new buildings don’t negatively affect the area’s microclimate.

Many jurisdictions mandate shadow analysis for large developments to identify overshadowing scenarios.

Sun path mapping helps in selecting paint colors and materials considering how light affects their appearance throughout the day.

Analysis guides material selection to avoid issues like moss growth or excessive heat retention, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics are considered.

Shadow Maps can show the shadows for project anytime,

But typically, they’re done on December 21st, March 21st, and June 21st at 9am, 12 noon, and 3pm.

These dates mark the longest and shortest shadows during winter and summer, and the spring equinox

shadow map- winter
shadow map- summer

What can we offer?

Please select the service you need, we will give you a quote.

Shadow Maps type 01

-For Building-

What Shadow maps for building offers you:

  1. Check how much sunlight your future house gets.
  2. If your neighbors are making their house bigger and it might block your sunlight or views.
  3. if you’re expanding and it might block theirs, use shadow maps to see how it’ll affect things.
  4. These maps show where shadows from nearby buildings fall at different times.
  5. They help you plan better and save money on your project.

Shadow Maps type 02

-For Masterplan-

What Shadow maps for masterplan offers you:

  1. Shadow maps for a master plan are similar to site analysis diagrams but are presented in animated video format.
  2. Aiding investors and architects in selecting utility locations and saving project costs.

Shadow Maps type 03

-For Interior-

What Shadow Maps For Interior offers you:

  1. You want to check if the apartment you’re thinking of buying gets enough natural light.
  2. Check sunlight exposure for your future home.
  3. Find solutions to increase sunlight and cool wind (in architecture).
  4. Get help creating a smart diagram for your project to save time and money.

Why choose FebHouse?

At Febhouse, we’re proud to help our customers and their projects reach their fullest potential. With our service, we produce project analysis videos to help customers and partners save time and money. To learn more about us, visit

How are Shadow Maps Created?

Data you provide me:

  1. Floor plan & elevation with dimensions / ruler scale (Required)
  2. Location coordinates of the location to be researched (Required)
  3. 3D file of your project, if you have it, you will save a lot of money.

Develop 3D Models

To begin the project, using a computer aided design software, we will create a 3D model of your project and any necessary adjacent buildings.
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Context Map

We have access to the highest quality spatial data. This allows us to place your building within its real world context and create your shadow diagrams with incredible accuracy.

Shadow Simulation

We’ll gather all models and use BIM software to simulate shadows cast by the proposed development at 9am, 12 noon, and 3pm during both winter and summer solstice. Or you can request additional specific research dates and times

Final Report

Once we finish all the simulations, we’ll give you the diagram you requested.

Final report diagrams in Summer

How long does it take to create a Shadow Maps?

The project completion time depends on its size. Typically, projects can be completed within 3 days from quote to finish.

How much does it cost?

The price for Shadow Mapping varies based on project size and complexity, determined by the time required for modeling and evaluation. To get a full quote, please provide project details.


What do client say?

"I was really impressed with the speed and quality of this work. I was also very happy with the graphic sensibility of the seller. We didn't have to discuss every little detail and they just made tasteful design decisions that I'm happy to share with clients. I will absolutely work with this Seller again!."
"Perfekt and very fast!!."
"Great work and beautiful diagrams! Would recommend the seller 100%!"
"Febhouse produced another great result for us. Quick turnaround and accurate. Well done look forward to working with you again."

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Ask me questions

[ Frequently Asked Questions ]

Most frequent questions and answers

Do you send me the source file?

I can send you Photoshop file, Sketchup file.

What days do you need to do the project?

Usually I need 2 days, if you need it urgently I can finish it for you in 24 hours

Would you keep my work a private from you? (I don't want my neighbors to see)

Sure, if that’s necessary for you. I will not publish the project on my portfolio

What data do you need from me?

I need the coordinates of the location to be studied (may not need to be too precise R<100km) and a drawing with the dimensions of house/building to be studied.

I don't have a 3D model of my house, can you analyze it?

Yes, you can choose the standard/ premium plan. And send me 2D drawing with your house dimensions. I’ll do 3D modelling and then analyze them.

I already have a 3D model of my house so can I choose the basic package (analysis only) is it ok?

That package is very good, Basic (analysis only) package is for you. That package has everything you need. The standard/premium package is a package that integrates modelling 3D your house and surrounding neighbors.

There are some special standards in my locality, (for example in the UK there is a 45 degree angle standard) can you add to the diagram?

Of course there is. Please send that rule to me, I will try to add it to the diagram